Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of organizations are eligible to receive grants from Harrell Family Charities?

Harrell Family Charities, Inc., is committed to funding Christian organizations and innovative programs that improve the quality of life for residents of the city of Lakeland, Florida and the Polk County community. The Directors of Harrell Family Charities, Inc. will consider grant requests, by invitation only, from organizations and for such causes that are consistent with their Christian values, including but not limited to, educational institutions and programs, scholarships, community and economic development projects. The goals of the Foundation include making grants and supporting organizations that seek to transform hearts, empower individuals and promote self-sufficiency. 

How quickly should I expect to hear a response concerning my application?

After you complete the online Grant Inquiry form, you will receive an email response within 1-2 days that states one of the following:

  1. Your inquiry has been approved. You will now be required to complete a formal Grant Application (the Grant Application will be attached to the email). OR
  2. Your inquiry has been denied because your organization does not fall within the Harrell Family Charities Mission Statement Guidelines.

After your Grant Application has been submitted with all the required documentation, you will be placed on the docket for the next Harrell Family Charities Board meeting. The final notification period will not exceed 2 months from time of Grant Application submission.

More Questions?

Please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions you may have!

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